Welcome to my newest update as of May 6, 2003.  It has been in the works for quite awhile.  As for the update on what's happening. 

    Friends in Safety, have you been looking for work lately?, well it is not out there.  Some work is starting to pick up.  Austin Industrial called me to go to Austin, TX to cover a sub-contractor doing steel erection for Austin Industrial.  Well, it turned out to be more than just that.  It turned out to be actually being the construction coordinator.  Well we finished the job in Austin and then in Bremond, TX for an outage at a power station out in the middle of NO WHERE! back in March, closed out the job in April. Now out of work.  Doing some investigation on starting up a business and came to the conclusion that there is already too much out there for what I was looking at. 

    My little darlings are doing ok, they are with their mom in Ft. Worth.  Still making good grades.  I have included some new

photos with them.  They are just getting taller and growing.

     Got to do some fishing on Toledo Bend Lake. We did pretty good,   We had between 30-40 catfish, six bass.  Missed a wall hanger, hawg, trophy or what ever you want to call it.  It came out of the water shook his head, wagged his tail, did a dance and shook loose.  All in all we had a good trip.  Planning another trip up there in a couple of weeks.

     I have included a copy of my resume for those interested.  Know of any work, let me know!!!!!!

Some new pics of me and the girls.

January 2003


December 28, 2002  Daddy and his two precious daughters. 

I do miss them very much, they are with their mother.  But if asked they are Daddy's girls.  Marlene on the left and Kalene on the right.  We had a good time at Aunt Rhonda's for Christmas.