The Holcombe gang, this picture was taken in the 1920's.  The men in the photo are from left to right.  Papa George Holcombe, Chester H. Holcombe, Andrew L. Holcombe (my grandfather), Golley Murphy, David Holcombe.  The location is believed to be in or around the town of Vivian, LA




900 AD William the Conqueror conquered England, first Norman King Henry I great-grandson of William the Conqueror.

Reginald, Earl of Cornwall son of Henry I

Geofrey de la Bruer great-grandson of Reginald (above) Isabelle de la Bruer daughter, Isabelle Downe grand-daughter; wife of John Holcombe of Hull.  John Holcombe of Hull son of Walter de Holcombe (Lord of Holcombe)


cir. 1100's Sir John de Holcombe Knighted by King Richard the Lionhearted in the ***Crusade to the Holy Land. Hence the First recorded Holcombe in history.

Walter Holcombe Lord of Holcomb 1301; great-grandson to Sir John

John Holcomb of Hull grandson of Walter;

John Holcombe II son of above, son Roger

Roger Holcombe of Hull d. 1/20/1480, son Charles

Charles Holcombe of Hull b. 1472 d. 1528, son Ellis

Ellis Holcombe of Hull son Thomas

Thomas H. Holcombe of Hull sons Gilbert, Christopher, Josias

Christopher Holcombe of Hull b. 1560, son William

William Holcombe Mayor of Pembrokeshire d. 1694, son William Holcombe (D) Immigrant to America, Physician


Pedigree Name Family, misc. information

(D)  William Holcombe - immigrant 4 sons settled in St.Stephen's Parish,

        Northcumberland, Co. Virginia (just northeast of present day Richmond).

(D)-3 Richard Holcombe II 4 sons, Named after his Uncle

(D)-3-2 Richard Holcombe III d. 1794, Laurens dist, N.C., 5 sons

(D)-3-2-3 Henry Holcombe b. 1748, d. 1837, served in American Revolution in the

     South Carolina Militia. 3 sons, 1 daughter

(D)-3-2-3-4 Henry Holcombe II (Jr.) b. 3/12/1768; 10 children

(D)-3-2-3-4-8 Thomas E. Holcombe b. 11/29/1808 d. 1870; 16 children

(D)-3-2-3-4-8-3 Henry B. Holcombe b. 1/24/1836, served in Co. E, 38th GA Confederate.

     Vol. Inf. Reg. And the 84th GA Confederate Militia Regt.; 14 children

(D)-3-2-3-4-8-3-9 George Marion Holcombe d. 7/1939 traveled west with his brothers

      and some first cousins to Texas and Arkansas, buried in Vivian, LA 4 sons, 2

      daughters, daughters still alive in 2/2001.

(D)-3-2-3-4-8-3-9-3 Andrew Lenis Holcombe 4 sons dropped the (e) form sons name

       buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, Many, LA

(D)-3-2-3-4-8-3-9-3-1 William Andrew Holcomb b. 10/1/35, 1 son (author of page),

       3 daughters lives in Moss Bluff, LA

(D)-3-2-3-4-8-3-9-3-1-1 Mark David Holcomb b. 1/29/59, 2 daughters living in

       DeRidder, LA

(D)-3-2-3-4-8-3-9-3-1-1-1 Marlene Michelle Holcomb b. 4/6/92

(D)-3-2-3-4-8-3-9-3-1-1-2 Kalene Elizabeth Holcomb b. 7/19/93

Post Script of the History

I have had the pleasure of corresponding with many descendents of the Holcomb(e) family. The history that I have quoted here has come from several sources, "de Holcombes" "The Nations Builders", as many of us have learned has been a great resource for our research. As for documentation I do not have actual documents other than the later information second hand from George Marion Holcombe, my great grand father.

I have been traveling throughout the country working in the construction industry and at every job assignment I check the listing in the phone book. I have found that we have promulgated across the country. Those that traveled west after the Civil War have greatly appreciated the name all areas of the Nation. I have actually worked with a few in Arkansas and Virginia. We are actually the "Nation's Builders" From Virginia to California, in every major town there are Holcomb(e)s. In California there is a Holcombe Valley just outside of  San Bernardino. This valley named after a gold rush miner who settled there.  There are Holcomb(e) counties in many states.  If you have joined DAR, SAR, SOC etc. please contract me.  I am interested in joining and have two daughter whom may wish to join.  We should be a proud family with a prestigious history.

Personally, I would like to see a reunion of the original descendents to America. If anybody out there has the resource to accomplish this, you can count me in. If so please contact me at the below copyrighted logo via email

January 2003


Tattoo that is on my left shoulder,  I have plans to add an American flagon the right and a Confederate flag on the left of this crest to Americanize it.