January 2003


For posterity I have placed these two photos together.  On the left are Papa George Holcombe, Chester H. Holcombe, my grandfather Andrew L. Holcombe, Gollie Murphy, and David Holcombe.  This photo was taken in the 1920's.  The Photo on the right was taken in June 2002 in Moss Bluff, LA.  The sons of Andrew L. Holcomb are from left to right: Thomas E. Holcomb, my father William A. Holcomb, Lennis A. Holcomb, and Joe Holcomb. A quick list of their children are Tom: Tracie, and Libby, William: Mark, Karen, Rhonda, and Kathy, Lennis: ?  Joe: Buddy Joe, Jeff and Randy. 

Hey I'm chillin!

Hey Dad>> How about the keys??? Will ya ? Uh?


Just a few Pics of the Family