January 2003


Well I have found a new hobby, it has been around since the dawn of man.  It aided man to survive the wilderness and fend off the animals that were man eaters.  It is the art of making stone tools.  Also known as flint knapping.

In addition to flint knapping as most know I am an avid prospector.  Looking for gold, gems, and lost treasures.  Be it a ring, coin or the booty of Jean Lafitte.

This is a collection of my first tools and points that I knapped.

What we have here from left to right is a very sharp scraper,, bone breaking tool, and knife.

Here are my obsidian points, made from some obsidian I found in the Arizona desert back in 1995.

My gold that I have found in AZ, CA, WY, NV.  Most came from AZ and CA.

Gold I found in WY.  These small nuggets are assayed at 60% Platinum and 30% Gold.